"Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature." - Gerard De Nerval

About Us

Nine D Agrotech is a professional company focused on the production of exotic plants and flowers like Orchids, and Gerbera. Our main aim is to produce import substitute products and be a major producer of flowers.

The company is in the business of cultivation of different varieties of Orchids for cut flower and Plants, and Gerbera for cut flowers. We have a  20-acre Nursery with consisting of greenhouse and research laboratory, with top class facilities, in Taluka Pali Sudhagad district of Maharashtra.

We also have a farm for production of the flowers and plants in Nedumangad district of Trivandrum in Kerala State.

If you are a nature lover or enjoy gardening as hobby, and  are also interested in developing business of your choice in Horticulture and gardening, the company can offer you a suitable package to suit your budget and infrastructure available with you.