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Commercial cultivation of Dendrobium orchids in Mumbai

Nine D Agrotech
is a professionally managed company with experts in the field of Agriculture, Finance, research and marketing. The company has focused on the development of new varieties of Exotic Flowers like Anthurium, Orchids, Passion, lily’s, gerbera etc. The main aim of the company is to produce import substitute products and to be net exporter flowers from our country.

At present most of the products of the company are imported from countries like Thailand, Taiwan, China, Netherlands and Australia. The company is setting up a tissue culture lab in India to develop and propagate exotic flowers found in the North eastern belt of India.

The company is in the business of cultivation of different varieties of Orchids flowers for cut flower and Plants. The farm for production of the flowers and plants is located in Nedumangad district of Trivandrum in Kerala State.

A complete Nursery with state of art technology consisting of green house and research laboratory is being developed in Taluka Pali Sudhagad district of Maharashtra. The promoters of the company have about 100 acres of land in the vicinity of Pali taluka.

The company is committed to commercial horticulture of all types of exotic flowers and decorative plants of local origin and imported varieties. The company is offering a wide range of flowers and plants to the Indian market and exports at a very competitive rates.

If your nature lover or enjoy gardening as hobby and also are interested in developing business of your choice in Horticulture and gardening, the company can offer you a suitable package to suit your budget and infrastructure available with you.

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